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All aboard the hot mess express!

Sunflowers + Seedlings is a mom-based business operating out of CA. We offer handmade apparel for your entire family.

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Hey everybody! My name is Brooke and I am the crazy mama behind Sunflowers + Seedlings. We started as a little shop called 108th Apparel, me with dreams to cut my hours at work and be able to find a creative outlet. I love being able to create and craft, so why not put my skill to use?! I live in the Bay Area, CA, and my regular job is as an ER RN at a local trauma hospital in the

I have three beautiful babes that are the very reason I breathe. Cash is 8 and I have to bribe him to even take pics with me. (Hence the painful face in all the pictures). Harper is 6 and she is my only earthly princess. All my babes have a little sister in heaven. And just because life wasn’t crazy enough, along came my little Stink, Lincoln. I quite literally, started over and may have lost my damn mind, but he is the piece to a very crazy puzzle I didn’t know was missing.

I’m a single mama who wears her heart on her sleeve. I am anti Trump (FUCK TRUMP ), pro BLM, an Ally to my LGBTQIA+ friends, and believe in equality. I don’t jive with drama, even if my personal live seems to always be involved in it.

We are a family here, and I can't thank you enough for supporting my shop. Every tee, every purchase, it goes to better my life for my kids. I might tell a little too much, have anxiety that makes me sweaty and can be a wee bit awkward, but I will always take the shirt off my back for someone else in need. So welcome to Sunflowers + Seedlings, where nothing is impossible. We are all part of the black hearts club and a wee bit crazy, but we are family.