Sunflowers + Seedlings is an inclusive brand for all.

We do not tolerate anything less.

  • All aboard the hot mess express!

    Sunflowers + Seedlings is a mom-based business operating out of CA. We offer handmade apparel for your entire family.


    Hi! I’m Brooke. I’m the owner and creator behind what you see here at Sunflowers + Seedlings. I have an incredible team who help me and I wouldn’t be where I am. We are like one big family of misfits.

  • So who really am I? Who is it you’re supporting? Well, I think by far the coolest part of me are those three beautiful faces staring back at you. They are my why. I am a single mom and am tired of missing out on my kids lives. So hopefully one day this shop becomes everything I’ve dreamed it to be and I can work my “normal” job less. My “normal” job is as a ER nurse, who recently lost my mind and switched to night shift. All jokes aside, the job switch was something I needed and besides losing sleep, it’s been a great change.

    I am a huge advocate for mental health and normalizing it. I’m very open about mine and know the risk that takes; people have already tried to weaponize it against me. I also believe that no lives matter until Black Lives Matter. I believe that love is love. I believe, I as a yt woman, have a lot of learning, growth and work to do.

  • We don’t support cultural appropriation here and we spend time educating on these things throughout the year. I am not perfect and in my past have really shown my yt privilege to the utmost, but I’ve grown and continue to try and educate myself to grow more.

    I cuss far more than I should, I’m raw and real and rough around the edges. I will make you laugh and may make you cry, but I can promise you’ll get some sick merch out of it all. Thanks for being here. You could choose any other shop, but you chose us. I’m forever grateful.